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The electricity meter, electric meter, or energy meter is a device that measures the total amount of electric energy consumed by a household, so everyone has one since this is the device that electric utilities use to calculate your monthly electric bill. The electricity meter measures the total energy that all electronic devices in your home uses in kilowatt hour (kWh), and when the value reported is checked every month you get a bill for the energy used in that period of time. By checking the values reported by the electricity meter or just checking your monthly bill you should be able to get an idea on the total electric energy consumption of your home, but it will not give you an idea on what different devices use and possibly how to optimize the power usage to lower your electric bill. Sometimes you just want to know when a device is turned off if it continues to use some small amounts of electric energy or not and should you actually unplug it from the power outlet if you are not going to be using it for a while.


You can get a rough estimation on how much power might each electronic device use by checking the label on it that has the power usage specifications listed (could be on the device itself or on an external power adapter if used). But this is only an estimate as value listed on the device usually refers to the maximum power usage and not the average or the typical one, so this may not be as accurate as you might want. This is where a power meter can come in handy as it will be able to show you the exact amount of power used by a device and also most likely the total power used for a period of time. Thing of a power meter like a miniature version of the electricity meter, but the power meter you connect between the power consumer (the electronic device you need to measure) and the source of electricity such as your power socket. But there are power meters used with portable sources of electricity such as batteries when you want to measure for example the power consumption of a mobile device. So there are various different kinds of power meters that can help you what different devices you are using are actually consuming in therms of electric energy and we are going to going into more detail about these soon.